So, why should you consider building a career in construction?

For starters, there is the variety of opportunities in an industry that's staging a vital rebirth: building services, architecture, engineering, surveying, management, and environmental jobs. And then there's the satisfaction of being a part of the creative process that results in a finely crafted home where families live, grow and thrive.

Labor shortages in the construction sector began as far back as 2010. With a recovering construction economy, shortages have intensified with construction employment not keeping pace with construction spending. In fact, there are 17% fewer people working in construction than at market peak with carpenters, electricians, plumbers and installers in great need.

Top 10 reasons to pursue a career in construction:

  • Job security — all indicators point to the ongoing need for skilled labor in construction
  • Quick start to earning money and benefits — hit the ground running and take home a better-than-average paycheck
  • Build your bank account too — average annual salaries approach $46,000
  • A career with a long shelf life — as skills and experience grow, skilled labor becomes even more valuable
  • Pride in your career — participating in a creative project from concept to completion
  • Professional and personal development — learning opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge of ever-evolving technology
  • Advancement opportunities — move up to management or start your own business
  • Camaraderie and socialization — not just a structure, you're building friendships
  • No two days alike — different projects, different challenges, different solutions
  • No gender bias — if you have skills and a desire to learn and grow, you're solid construction material